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Dear Future Leader,

What if you are meant to live a life of fulfillment? What would you change today if you were to set course on that path?

When you do and you take the first step, everything around you responds. The web of life which connects you to others will rearrange itself by each choice you make.

So choose wisely, consciously. The grid that underlies manifested reality holds all potentialities. Consciously making your choices and bearing in mind that the ultimate purpose to your life is to bring it into fulfillment will make new options available for you to support your way, until you choose again, and again, and again.

As such, I am not the result of your lineair ways. But of your creativity and your aliveness. I respond well to your being fully alive. You see, I am alive too. Always in formation. If you seek to control me, predict me, you create me from the fear of what you need to be controlled or predicted. You are safe, as in fact I am unarmed. If you connect with me purposefully you will find that I am your purpose.

Truly yours,
The Future.

// Letter no. 3 from the Dear Future Leader series – an intuitive writing adventure I embarked upon channeling the future for our leaders to be.