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author | new economist | therapist 

“Reflection on who we are is a gift to ourselves.

Expression of who we are is our gift to the world. 

Thus a new economy is lived into being”






Shinta is the co-author of two books Anders Verder (only available in Dutch) and Thrive – Fundamentals for a new economy (available by December 2020) and the founder of, 21 interviews with business leaders, scientists, creatives, and social entrepeneurs at the frontier of a new world. She also works systemically with individuals and teams in business to facilitate the delicate process of awakening and remembering our human ability to thrive and transform business, economy and society as a whole. 

THRIVE fundamentals for a new economy.

While all of us are wondering what the world will look like after Corona, we are faced with the ecological damage and social costs of our current economic system. Kees Klomp and Shinta Oosterwaal consult the most innovative economic thinkers such as Kate Raworth, Charles Eisenstein, John Elkington Clair Brown, Helena Norberg-Hodge and Daniel Christian Wahl. In this book, the essence of their ideas is outlined, so that you can catch up on all new ideas at once, such as the donut economy, the well-being economy, the regenerative economy, the common good economy, the Buddhist economy, the local economy and the post-growth economy. In addition, they will discuss the concrete steps towards substantial economic renewal with them. In this way, they offer readers the fundamentals for a new economy, that focus not on the growth of prosperity but the well-being of our world. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking the fundamental economic perspectives that will make the world thrive.

Publisher: Business Contact

Anders Verder

Dit boek is geschreven na jarenlang nadenken over het economisch systeem: hoe kan het beter, anders, met meer betekenis worden ingericht? Het is het resultaat van andere inzichten, opruiende ideeën, onbegaanbare paden, halsstarrig volhouden dat het anders kan, inspirerende aha-momenten en regelrechte eureka-gedachten. Hoe zou het verder gaan met deze wereld, die zo maakbaar leek voor de coronacrisis? 

Met bijdragen van Jeroen Smit (inleiding)  | Geert Degrande | Savitri Groag | Michael van Loenen | An Kramer | Martijn Raaijmakers | Ann Maes | Hans Stegeman | Arjan Broers | Geanne van Arkel | Stephan Ummelen | Anne Griet Brader | Ynzo van Zanten | Mischa Verheijden | Linda Modderkolk en Jur Koksma | Ralph Zebregs | Elke Leyman | Pieter Spinder | Shinta Oosterwaal | Martin Schuurman | Ilja Werkhoven | Kees Klomp | Sophie Wisbrun-Overakker | Ron van Es (eindredacteur) | Jan Bommerez (nawoord)

Uitgever: Studio Kers

The existential dimension of transitions

To further (economic) transitions in society as professionals we need a more fundamental and more complete understanding of the existential dimension of transitions. We need to integrate the idea of human consciousness as a driving force for change, and intervene in ways that mobilize the creative capital of people”. 

Shinta uses interventions aimed at deep personal growth in relation to organizational development to invoke a new coprorate culture that gives a new direction to the role of business as a vehicle of value for people and society. Enabling her clients to move from business as usual in a conventional economy to business unusual in an ecosystem of regeneration.

A global community of business leaders, scientists, creative agents and social entrepreneurs is rising. They stand at the frontier of a new world as a bold community of practice. It’s their daily business to work on the re-envisioning and building of our society, our economy and our businesses around new values, awakening conscious leadership, social innovation and human flourishing. I am interviewing 21 of these forward thinkers, see-ers and doers during the Corona crisis to ask them: WHAT is manifesting NOW on EARTH? Take some time to share the space with professionals letting you in on their perspectives of the future.