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 Process facilitation

corporate therapy – coaching – leadership development – systemic constellations – workshops – team retreats 

Every company, as every human being, is destined to fulfill their purpose. To do this, they are to dive deeply into their true nature. For organizations that is the human dynamics of people working towards a common goal in a beautifully complex world. For human beings it is the individuation of the soul. In their full potential they are a powerful force for societal change. 

Einstein said: “No problem can be solved with the same conciousness that created it. To solve a problem, we must see the world anew”. However, when we experience crises, chaos and complexity and to bring about change we often – subconciously – rely only on our thinking minds, which actually sets us off in a loop of conditioning that leads us right back to where we were before. Never really changing anything. 

In various ways, I facilitate the delicate process of ‘seeing the world anew’ by navigating you in & through the space between the ‘old’ and the ‘new’. Helping you to keep your focus on the new, while properly detaching from the old and withering the fear and doubts in your way forward. Making you aware of your room for change. Both personally and in business. 

My clients experience themselves to be more creatively intelligent and alive and in co-creation with their environment. They consider themselves to be more in service of both the earth and the people that work for them. Purposefully, or unpurposefully, setting the standards for a new way of thinking and doing that is based on the interbeing of humanity, business and society. 


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