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 Process facilitation

Every company, to fulfill their purpose, is to dive deeply into its true nature; a unique group of people working towards a common goal. Such a potentially powerful force for change. Einstein said: “No problem can be solved with the same conciousness that created it. To solve a problem, we must see the world anew”. However, when we experience crises, chaos and complexity and to bring about change we often – subconciously – rely on our thinking minds, which actually sets us off in a loop of conditioning that leads us right back to where we were before. Never really changing anything. I facilitate the delicate process of ‘seeing the world anew’ by navigating you in & through the space between the ‘old’ and the ‘new’. Helping you to keep your focus on the new, while properly detaching from the old and withering the fear and doubts in your way forward. Making you aware of your room for change. Both personally and in business. My clients experience themselves to be more creatively intelligent and alive and in co-creation with their environment. They consider themselves to be more in service of both the earth and the people that work for them. Purposefully, or unpurposefully, setting the standards for a new way of economic thinking and doing. 

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In my practice I see clients who want to thrive in their personal and professional lives. They seek to manifest themselves from their personal purpose. And are willing to move within to meet their potential and face their shadow and limiting beliefs.

In the facilitation of personal transformation it is essential to work with clients from an integrated viewpoint:

– mental level | our thinking & beliefsystem
– fysical level | our health & the way our bodies are built
– social level | the quality of our relationships
– emotional level | our emotions, feelings & desires
– existential level | our sense of purpose & meaning in life

I am trained at The Institute for Life Therapy School of Life, specializing in coaching and systemic work, to do so.

THE PROCESS of coaching & family constellations

Each coaching trajectory starts with an intake session (1 hour max) to mutually experience, feel and determine whether we find grounds for working together. During this session we will also sharpen the question at hand.We will then set out to plan at least 6 (bi)weekly sessions to start. After the 6th session we wil evaluate together what the frequency of following sessions should be to reach the goals set. I do not work towards quick fixes. In my work I aim for deep and lasting transformation. Therefore clients may stay with me for a considerable period.

If you’d like to do a one off family constellation, than that’s possible too. You can just make an appointment for a family constellation. We will talk for about 30 minutes about what is going on in your life, the patterns that you see and the question you’d like to work on before the  constellation commences.



My practice is in Zeist, near Utrecht. I also coach via Skype, although meeting in person has my preference. A 1-on-1 session lasts either 1 / 1,5 or 2 hours dependent on our agreement. A family constellation lasts about 1,5 hours. 




With a systemic approach we see beyond the phonemena we perceive to be a problem, and co-cretae with the quantumfield that holds the solution. By intentionally working with the field of all potentiality we can explore all possibilities in solving your challenge by using our subtle wisdom of sensing, also known from Theory U. This is why I prefer working with the people involved directly instead of with representatives as is custom in systemic work, it allows for deep healing on a personal and collective level when we are actively being involved in a constellation ourselves.

There are many ways to offer systemic interventions, depending on the situation at hand. It is a very effective tool to:  

– Explore the hidden dynamics and break behavioral patterns of your team. 
– Build stronger and qualitative relationships.
– Form sustainable bonds to navigate your shared future.
– (re)Align with your highest purpose.
– Improve the results of your shared effort.
– Change the world.

THE PROCESS of systemic transformation 

#1 The intervention starts with an intake of any pressing issues and the phonemena that you witness in your team and organization. Having a focus on the main challenges and having all team menbers on board before starting a constellation increases its effectiveness. 

#2 The constellation itself will be conducted with all the team members as this provides for  deep and direct insights in personal and collective patterns and concrete suggestions to move forward on a day to day basis. As such a constellation is quite an intimite process.
I use wool felt mats as representatives of any other element that is relevant in the constellation. 

#3 Implementation by sharing insights and plan for next steps in moving forward with your findings after a constellation.  




Please note that at al times my clients personal information is strictly confidential. No personal data, appointments, agreements, or notes will be shared with others unless upon consent by my client. 

Payment information

*Additional costs apply: travel costs are 0,19 cents/km and rent for a location.

Each session may be rescheduled up to 48 hours in advance without cost. A session that is canceled or rescheduled within 48 hours will be charged in full.

Fees are exclusive of taxes (BTW)

Payments may be made afterwards after a session or monthly (coaching). Invoices will be sent via e-mail.

Office address 

Julianalaan 67
3708 BE Zeist 



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