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Begin it.

"Just begin, the solution unfolds itself by making the choice". In coaching a team to navigate their complexity a couple of days ago, in an impuls I unintendedly seem to have channeled Goethe. So much so that what I said brought an abrupt halt to the discussion that...

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Why corporates need therapy

BLOG | Why corporates need therapy. Capitalism as we traditionally know it has had its roots in distorted ideas about who we are, what we need and what we aspire. How we find ourselves in its current narrative and the shapes we've let it take say so much more about...

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Podcast betekenisvol leiderschap

Twee Wegen naar Leiderschap is het initiatief van Ron van Es en Kees Klomp. Een serie interviews over betekenisvol leiderschap. Bekeken op twee manieren: de weg naar binnen en de weg naar buiten. Iets wat me op het lijf geschreven is. Ik ging met Ron en Kees in...

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The quantum science of post-Its

BLOG | The quantum science of Post-Its “Take two Post-Its anywhere with you. The one says good, the other says no good. Stick ‘em to the ground whenever you are in doubt and find your self running loops in your mind. With your doubt in mind, stand on one and then on...

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Dear Future Leader // Letter No. 3

Dear Future Leader, What if you are meant to live a life of fulfillment? What would you change today if you were to set course on that path? When you do and you take the first step, everything around you responds. The web of life which connects you to others will...

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Dear Future Leader // Letter No. 2

Dear Future Leader, What you consider reality is merely a temporary narrative. You can live by it - for some time - but it is not life. In between stories lies the space of endless possibilities. This is the place where we meet, you and I. My calling is so soft that...

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Dear Future Leader // Letter No. 1

Dear Future Leader, This is a time to indulge in learning and growing. A time to remember who you really are. And to become who you are. I want you to know that we are strongly connected, you and I. Through time and space we meet each other continuously. My mere...

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