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Purpose. The gift of Humanity for a New Economy. 

new economist | leadership expert | corporate therapist | writer | speaker

“The (r)evolution of conciousness in today’s society is awakening purpose – the gift of humanity -, invoking new cultures in companies that are giving rise to a new economy. In my capacity as an economist and therapist I facilitate the delicate, deeply messy and undenyingly rewarding process of (r)evolutionary development of people, companies and a whole new economy”.

People | Purpose.

“Thrive. Discover who you really are. Free from conditioning. Know your true purpose. Answer your “Why” from a healthy and emotionally adult perspective. Write your own story in freedom and responsibility. Dare to build a life and work from meaning. Realize and transcend your sense of self. Become the leader that you are destined to be. Selfreflection and deep personal development is a gift to yourself, expression thereof in purposeful leadership is your gift to the world”.

Corporate | Purpose.

Feel your team’s desire to change the world. Choose collectively to do so. Be brave enough to explore the hidden dynamics and behavioral patterns that withhold your team from acting in a purposeful way. Build strong and qualitative relationships. Form sustainable bonds to navigate your shared future. (re)Align with your highest purpose and be a container for change. Improve the results of your shared effort. Brace for impact. Healthy system dynamics is the most powerful force for a (r)evolution within our organizations, our economic system and our society.”

Economy | Purpose.

“Return to the original meaning of economy; oikos nomos. Reconsider the concept, as a philosophy for taking care of our home, the earth. From this point of view, explore new possibilities for the role of business, embrace new perspectives for living and set a new paradigm. The emerging new economy of purpose is merely a phenomenon of a much deeper transition. It is the transition in human consciousness and our intentional actions that have followed the awakening of values. The economy is changed by people fulfilling their purpose and taking their right place in the ecosystem of the world”.

Shinta has a unique and profound way of bringing clarity and transformation to complex processes or situations, in a way that is both “down-to-earth” and of high visionary value at the same time.


Founder & Creative, Owning Our Stories

To all teams that are ready to experience the deep connection to each other and to their common goal, I wish you a team constellation with Shinta. We needed this profound work with our team to move forward.

Thijs S.

Managing Partner, Agricultural Consultancy

TALKSHOW leiderschap & circulaire economie

ChangeMakers geeft een eigentijds en onafhankelijk podium aan sociale ondernemers en initiatieven die positieve maatschappelijke impact creëren én dit willen laten accelereren.

De live uitzending van ChangeMakers op 16 december stond geheel in
het teken van de circulaire economie. Tafelgasten: Shinta Oosterwaal, Sander Veenendaal en Bas Luiting.

PODCAST purpose & leiderschap

“Leadership, in essence, is fulfilling your role in society”.

I talked to Kees Klomp and Ron van Es, leading Dutch pioneers in the purpose economy, about leadership and systemic transformation. Listen to the podcast. Currently only available in Dutch.


Purpose. The gift of humanity for a new economy.

I am currently writing about how I perceive the existential dimension of the emerging purpose economy and how to lead from the awaking values in human consciousness. Leadership plays a pivotal role in this transition. My book is expected to be available by the end of 2020.

LIVING LEADERSHIP leadership retreats

Leadership development based on the principles of life.

The deeply human process of awakening and individuation is the most effective way to change the world. Therefore this is the fundament of my approach to leadership development. I see people transform, leading from wholeness and becoming an living example for those around them. 


An initiative by Nieuw Bestuur. November 28th Circl Amsterdam.

What leadership does the future need? Circular to be sure, yet what does that entail exactly? I’m a partner in and facilitator of the Dutch Circular Leadership conference that will host 150 forward thinking top level executives to sense and prototype the guiding principles for a future proof leadership.


For organizations of the new economy.

I am a partner in Purpose Do. Purpose Do is a collective of change professionals that is committed to awakening the consciousness within organizations to fully utilize their purpose and to facilitating the process towards a positive impact for business, people and planet. You’ll find our clients across sectors, sharing the same willingness to progress purposefully.


Scale up towards a new economy, by starting with your own community.

I’m bringing together purpose entrepeneurs, initiatives and (local) government to learn, inpsire, network, cooperate and grow together and to facilitate the emerging economy of purpose in Utrecht. The focus of impact is near home, and the intention is to scale up nationwide.    

Why corporates need therapy

Why corporates need therapy

BLOG | Why corporates need therapy. Capitalism as we traditionally know it has had its roots in distorted ideas about who we are, what we need and what we aspire. How we find ourselves in its current narrative and the shapes we've let it take say so much more about...

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CLIENTS & PARTNERS in the creation of a new economy

Business was good. Yet, we were struggling how to move forward with our management consulting firm. We were in the midst of exploring new strategies, when we asked Shinta to shed her unique light on our situation. She managed to take us the core of our struggles: our relationship and the lack of openness about our fears and doubts between my business partner and me. This was what really needed our attention before any strategy could solve anything. Only once we saw eye to eye in all honesty and vulnerability we were able to really move forward. Shinta facilitated this delicate process with much care and effectiveness.

Thijs B.

Former founder and managing partner, Purpose Management Consultancy.

Interview over Living leadership

In de media. “Het Living Leadership programma wil leiderschap ontwikkelen dat duurzaamheid verder brengt. Lees hier hoe”.

The quantum science of post-Its

BLOG | The quantum science of Post-Its “Take two Post-Its anywhere with you. The one says good, the other says no good. Stick ‘em to the ground whenever you are in doubt and find your self running loops in your mind. With your doubt in mind, stand on one and then on...

Keynes & de sjamaan. Economie van de nieuwe mens.

De mens die het denken, de liefde en het handelen in zich verenigt maakt de nieuwe economie.

Blog voor over vrouwelijke & mannelijke waarden in werk

De mate waarin onze economie is afgeweken van haar oorspronkelijk betekenis is tevens de reden voor haar wankelen.

From the desk to the coffee machine to the woods

Blog | From the desk to the coffee machine to the woods Quite some clients that I see in my practice have the belief that they can think their way out of things. When we work together there’s always a point, however, that they experience that their bodies are super...

Podcast betekenisvol leiderschap

Twee Wegen naar Leiderschap is het initiatief van Ron van Es en Kees Klomp. Een serie interviews over betekenisvol leiderschap. Bekeken op twee manieren: de weg naar binnen en de weg naar buiten. Iets wat me op het lijf geschreven is. Ik ging met Ron en Kees in...

Dear Future Leader // Letter No. 1

Dear Future Leader, This is a time to indulge in learning and growing. A time to remember who you really are. And to become who you are. I want you to know that we are strongly connected, you and I. Through time and space we meet each other continuously. My mere...

Systemisch werk; in gesprek met de economie

“Vertel mijn verhaal”.


In mij leeft…

Wat nieuw organiseren echt succesvol maakt

Hier zijn de zes essentiële elementen uit mijn praktijk voor nieuw organiseren.

De gift economie

Hoe zou het zijn om werk gelegenheid te creëren vanuit jouw unieke gift, je talent?


Ik hoor mezelf tegen mijn vriendin zeggen: “Vind de balans”. En terwijl ik het zeg hoor ik wat voor een dooddoener dit ongevraagde advies eigenlijk is. Tegelijkertijd vraag ik me af wat dat eigenlijk betekent.

Living leadership

Mooi leiderschap maakt een mooie wereld. Lees hier hoe.


In mij leeft…

Dear Future Leader // Letter No. 2

Dear Future Leader, What you consider reality is merely a temporary narrative. You can live by it - for some time - but it is not life. In between stories lies the space of endless possibilities. This is the place where we meet, you and I. My calling is so soft that...

Dear Future Leader // Letter No. 3

Dear Future Leader, What if you are meant to live a life of fulfillment? What would you change today if you were to set course on that path? When you do and you take the first step, everything around you responds. The web of life which connects you to others will...


In mij leeft…

Blog voor over carriere en moederschap

Voor Moeders in de Maatschappij deelde ik mijn zeer persoonlijke verhaal over moederschap, wakker worden en werk.

How organizational constellations transform business

BLOG | How organizational constellations transform business To optimize performance, we already know that we need to feel connected to a higher goal of a company. A higher purpose if you will. Something that tells us to transcend ourselves. This in itself was thought...


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